Brisbane Airshow - Global Aviation Products

Global Aviation Products

The official distributor of :
- Sling Light Sport Aircraft in Australia - (“kit-form”, as well as “ready to fly”). License required: the 2 seater Sling 2 - RPC (Recreational Pilot certificate) or RPL or PPL. The 4 seater Sling 4 - RPL (Recreational Pilot License) or PPL.

- BushCat Aircraft - The new buzz for Tail dragger and adventure aircraft. (“kit-form”, as well as “ready to fly”). Your choice between nosewheel, tailwheel or amphibious configuration.

- JMB (Vl3) - The new standard in LSA – Travel high speed with style (165 kts cruise, 32 kts stall.)

Global aviation Products has reseller agreements to distribute various other aviation products such as Trig Avionics, Airmaster Propellers, etc.

Theses aircraft are currently very popular within flying schools as well as private owners around the world due to the absolute quality and performance. This increasing popularity, backed by superior service support and turnaround times in Australia, along with the community of Global Aviation Products supporters, speaks volumes of the excellence in quality delivered by these stunning machines.

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