Brisbane Airshow - General: Paul Bennet

Paul Bennet

19 November 2019

Paul’s competitive flying history leads an accomplished path. In 2008 Paul achieved the title of the National Advanced Aerobatic Champion and then the following year became the National Unlimited Aerobatic Champion, receiving the Phillips Cup. In 2011 and 2012 Paul won Unlimited in both the Queensland and Victorian State Championships and most recently, in November 2016, Paul won the award of Australian Freestyle Aerobatic Champion and continues to hold this title.

With over 5000 display related flying hours in front of 10s of millions of fans, Paul has cemented himself as a master of aerial entertainment and the country’s finest air show performer. Paul’s performances are always professional, phenomenally rehearsed and accurate. As one of only a handful of Australian Pilots to hold a ground level aerobatics approval, he is also a delegate for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to issue aerobatic endorsements to this height as well as being a flying instructor.

Paul’s reputation for putting on a sensational show exceeds many expectations. His dynamic and aggressive aerobatic displays leave his spectators in awe as he defies gravity and physics, performing manoeuvres that are yet to be reproduced by any pilot. He thrives on the crowds and talks to them live through his headset while performing sequences that put a tremendous amount of force and stress on his body.