Brisbane Airshow - General: Wolf Pitts Pro <BR><small> Confirmed for 2020

Wolf Pitts Pro
Confirmed for 2020

13 November 2019

The Wolf Pitts Pro is one of the highest performing aerobatic biplanes in the world, made using the latest design concepts utilising the latest in materials, it was designed and hand built by Steve Wolf from the United States.

Steve Wolf had built his custom wings for the Pitts Series of aircraft. Then built a improved airframe to suit the wings. This aircraft was built for air show pilot Wyche T. Coleman III. When it was put on the market, Wyche would not sell it to anyone, but to the right person with the skills to fly such a powerful aircraft.

VH-PVB is the very first Wolf Pitts and one of only two in existence. Sean D. Tucker has the other with some further modifications, he named his the Oracle Challenger III.