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UPRT Australia

UPRT Australia is the only flying academy in the Asia-Pacific specialising Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). Our multi-level courses cater for all pilot skill and licence levels from an RPL or RAAus pilot, through to an airline or corporate jet Captain. All of UPRT Australia’s courses have been specifically developed to suit varying levels of knowledge and aircraft types, so you’ll get a bespoke course for you and your type of operation. 


UPRT Australia’s aim is to reduce Loss of Control-Inflight (LOC-I) events occurring by an in-classroom facet of discussing with the trainees preventative measures, including how to improve situational awareness, in-depth aerodynamics, psychological aspects and decision-making skills. 

The on-aircraft recovery phase of our courses includes edge-of-envelope awareness, upset recoveries (including spin recoveries) and stall awareness, prevention and recoveries. 


Our UPRT courses are the most dynamic, extensive and in-depth available in Australia. This is thanks to the knowledge and experience of our Directors who between them have well over 20,000 hours flying experience in everything from air shows, to instructing, aero-medical and airline command and checking.


UPRT Australia also offers aerobatic (including low-level), formation, formation aerobatic and tailwheel endorsements. 


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“Advanced training for every pilot”

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