Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailGill Vardi

Gill Vardi

Gill has over 40 years of aviation experience and 17,500 flight hours. From talking with him about the Brisbane Airshow, you’d think this is the highlight of his career! Truth be known, Gill has been running the Red Thunder Tactical Formation Clinic in Queensland for over 9 years, and every time he goes flying in his YAK52TW he feels like he’s still learning and one simply can’t wipe the smile off his face! Gill’s passion for flying came from his close relationship with his father; an ex Fighter Combat Instructor.

So, with a tradition to follow, Gill joined the RAAF at 18, to become a Fighter Pilot flying the FA-18 Hornet for both 77SQN and 3SQN. Gill’s aviation exploits have seen him engage in the industry as an Aviation Consultant and enjoy an airline career flying both Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Gill recently retired from Qantas as an Airbus A330 Check & Training Captain. His passion will always remain the sharing of aviation with peers and enthusiasts alike!

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