Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailMen into Space

Men into Space

The main act, when the V12's stop at 4pm on Saturday, Men into Space start up in the Aston Martin VIP Tent. Access is open free of charge to all general admission ticket holders. Rock-on.

Men Into Space is a sci-fi supergroup, who are out of this world! This collection of seasoned musicians have come together to create an alternate universe that will teleport you back to the 1950s!

Performing dressed as mid-century astronauts, Men Into Space are masters of the 'Ther-O-guitar', a guitar and Theremin combination and the twirling Spin-O-Matic guitar, which rotates to switch between standard or baritone guitar. The rhythm section features a unique Florentine cutaway double bass and the rhythmic ‘Drums of Plutonium’ driving the show to infinity and beyond.

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