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Aero Smart

Aero Smart Pty Ltd (AeroSmart) is an Australian company providing specialist consultation to the Airline and Corporate Aviation sectors. We provide expert Aviation services in the areas of Corporate Consulting, Flight Operations Oversight and Program Management, Full Flight Safety Department Development and Management, Aviation Auditing and Flight Training and Standards Development. 

Initially formed in 1989 as Aero Safe Industries Pty Ltd, AeroSmart brings together the consultancies of Gill Vardi, Sean Golding and Brian Greeves, into one comprehensive consulting group.
AeroSmart provides services to the Airline, Military, Emergency Medical, Mining, Media, Legal and General Aviation communities. Our Services include:

  • Corporate Aviation Management and Consultation
  • Flight Operations and Engineering Audits
  • Flight Operations Department Development and Management
  • Flight Training Department Development and Management
  • Flight Safety Department Development and Management
  • Safety Program and Training System Development and Review
  • Aviation Safety and Accident Consultancy

The Aviation Industry is facing difficult times. A deregulated market place, low levels of operational experience, exposure to extreme terrorism, and a challenging economy, are all of concern. Accident and incident investigations continue to identify ‘Human Factors’ as a key deficiency in aviation operations. Technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate, producing unique challenges within the ‘man machine interface’, requiring new approaches to aviation.

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