Brisbane Airshow - Parking


Free parking

Free parking for all guests who attend The Brisbane Airshow. Please be patient on arrival as many thousands of people generally arrive at the same time, and this can cause some congestion. We have invested heavily in traffic management to insure ALL guests will be in the airshow viewing area before the show starts. 

Primary parking is available to the right as you enter the main entrance to Watts Bridge. This leaves you with a short 200m walk, through the ticketing booth to the show area.  

Secondary parking will be made available to the north west of the airfield at the corner of Silverleaves Rd and Cressbrook Caboonbah Rd.

WARNING: All drivers MUST follow instructions given by Police or our Traffic Management Team.

Visitors to the event should be aware that the event is not held on a purpose built site and may pose some challenges for the very young, the elderly and those with mobility issues. Every effort has been made to make the site as accessible as possible however visitors should note there are uneven surfaces through many areas.

Disabled amenities are available. Car parking for accredited state disabled permit pass holders ONLY is available. Event specific disabled car passes are not required. Disabled patrons DO NOT receive a discount on general admission. Holders of a Companion Card receive their ticket free.

A free shuttle bus service is available for those who park in the overflow parking off Silverleaves Rd. 

WARNING: Any person observed passing under fences or through restricted areas will be removed from the event without warning.