Brisbane Airshow - Flyin In

Flying In

Flying In

The Brisbane Airshow is held at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield. The airfield features three well-formed grass runways suitable for almost all types of recreational aircraft. Watts has been used by aircraft such as the B200 Kingair, DCH-4 Caribou, P51 Mustang, L-39 Albatros, Yak-3U, Trojan T28, Antonov, Lancair, Pitts Special plus a variety of vintage, warbird, ultralight, glider and general aviation aircraft. (See below for Runway Details) Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield is OCTA being situated on the boundary between Brisbane International Airport’s CLASS C Lower Limit of 7,500′ and the Class E Lower Limit at 8,500′ making for recreational and glider friendly operations. CTAF Procedures (3 NM Radius – Surface to 3000 Ft AMSL) apply for all operations at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield.

You’ll find below the AIRCRAFT FLY-IN BRIEF. A downloadable brochure is also available  here.

Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield and the organisers of The Brisbane Airshow are strongly committed to a “Fly Neighbourly” policy ensuring good working relationships with other landowners in the district. Pilots are requested to download the Fly Neighbourly Chart to be aware of and avoid where operationally possible, noise and over-fly sensitive locations adjacent to the airfield.

This information is supplied for general reference only and is NOT to be used for operational purposes. Pilots should: Consult ERSA, current VTC’s NOTAMS and/or contact the Airfield Management for current airfield details prior to conducting operations at the Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield


WARNING: YWSG CLOSED 220708-220710 2330-0600Z. Decoded: Watts Bridge will be CLOSED from 09:30L to 16:00L on the Airshow Days.


During the airshow days, Watts Bridge Unicom will operate on CTAF 127.30. “Watts Unicom” is a traffic advisory service only and will not be responsible for the separation of aircraft. Pilots are reminded that they are responsible for their own visual separation at all times when operating within the YWSG airspace.

“Watts Unicom” (127.30) will be available for weather & traffic advisory, and parking instructions during the event.

YWSG RUNWAY CONFIGURATION (220708 14:00L to 220710 17:00L)

Runway 12R/30L will operate at normal length (900m) “daily from 220708 14:00L to 220710 17:00L”.  The ‘Extension’ to RW 12R/30L is NOT available. Vehicles will be parked on the Extension. RW 12L/30R is closed. Pilots are requested to assist ground movement management by expediting runway occupation times.

WARNING: Runway 03/21 will be CLOSED to all traffic

Circuit directions are contra rotating. If you are landing on a runway designated "R” then that runway is a right-hand circuit. Pilots are advised to prepare for arrival, understand all local procedures, make regular radio calls, be aware of FIR NOTAMS that will close airspace, and exercise caution during their arrival and departure. 

Click here for specific airfield details.

WARNING: Drainage ditches flank each Taxiway

WARNING: Watts Bridge YWSG airspace will become a Temporary Danger Area (TDA) from 14:00 EST on the Friday through to 17:00 EST on the Sunday.

YSWG will be closed to ALL traffic between 09:30 EST and 16:00 EST on both the Saturday and the Sunday. 

WARNING: VHF Radio is a Mandatory requirement at Watts Bridge. 


The general public will not be allowed to walk among visiting aircraft. Arriving aircraft will NOT be subject to a landing fee, however all occupants will be required to purchase an airshow pass. Click here to purchase now.

Security patrols will be in force 24/7 at Watts Bridge for airfield, aircraft and patron safety. 

Camping is only permitted in the allocated camping areas and normal fees will apply. Click here to purchase now.

AVGAS is available at the airfield and can be paid for by credit card.


S27º 05.9′ E152º27.6′
Class C – LL 7,500′
Class E – LL 8,500′
Caution Aerobatics (SFC to 5,000FT)
CTAF 3NM Radius Surface-3000FT AMSL
Refer ERSA for additional information Download Chart Here
Watts Bridge is OCTA 0 – 7,500FT)

129.0 MHz AREA

12R / 30L - 900 metres (Full Length 1530m Brisbane Airshow)
12L / 30R - 820 metres
03 – 21 - 815 metres
Main Runway is 12R / 30L
Parallel Runway 12L / 30R
Runway 12R has a displaced threshold (Non Airshow Days)


The Friday

1400 – 1600 Airspace TDA 5nm radius SFC to 6500’


The Saturday

09:30 EST – 16:00 EST Airspace TDA 5nms radius to 6500’ NOTAM CLOSED FOR AIRSHOW

The Sunday

09:30 EST – 16:00 EST Airspace TDA 5nms radius to 6500’ NOTAM CLOSED FOR AIRSHOW