Brisbane Airshow - COVID-19






The Brisbane Airshow will be conducted under the new government restrictions.
Please ensure your read our full guidelines on the covid safe practices adopted at the Brisbane Airshow. These guidelines must be adhered by all staff and patrons.



  • If unwell, Stay at Home.
  • Do not attend the Airshow if:
    • You have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19
    • You are positive for COVID-19
    • You have travelled overseas or to a declared COVID-19 Hotspot in the previous 14 days.
  • If you become unwell during the event, please seek assistance from any of our staff or contractors and proceed to the medical tent. See our location guide below.
  • Patrons must social distance at 1.5m2 per person while spectating.


Airshow Entries, Exits, and Thoroughfares.

Patrons must follow any signage, bunting or bollards that direct flow of traffic or prevent access to areas of the airshow.
Hand sanitizers are available at our entry and exit points, toilet facilities, and also throughout the venue area.


Contact Tracing

To assist with contact tracing, we encourage patrons to download the COVID Safe app.
Whilst attendance is collected via our electronic ticketing system, all patrons, contractors, staff and volunteers are required to register via the QR Code app on arrival.
  • EVERYONE must scan in using their phone camera or QR Scanner.
  • Follow the prompts, fill in your details and then click ‘CHECK IN’
  • When leaving the venue click ‘CHECK OUT’.
Only Internet tickets with matching proof of identity may be used in-lieu of QR Code Check-in
Manual sign-in is available at the ticket booth and must be done if the QR code is not used.


Hygiene Practices at the Brisbane Airshow

Please wash hands regularly.
Brisbane Airshow staff will regularly clean high contact areas such as door handles, hand-rails, benches, outdoor tables and chairs etc.
Each of our contractors are required to maintain their area of operations in accordance with their relevant Industry COVID Plan and or the Brisbane Airshow COVID Plan.



Bubblers are available for use. Please avoid placing your mouth or lips directly on the fountain or bubbler. This is to protect both yourself and others from transferring germs.
When filling your water bottle at a drinking water fountain or bubbler, ensure that the spout of your drink bottle does not touch the fountain head or bubbler itself.


Airshow Bookings

All patrons are encouraged to make ticket bookings via the WEB at We encourage the use of credit cards for all purchases.


For more information, please visit