Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailShane Tobin

Shane Tobin

Like many other kids, Shane had a fascination with flying and aircraft from a very young age. A visit to a 747 cockpit at age 6 cemented Shane’s future with him deciding there and then that he was going to be a pilot. 

Shane took his first flying lesson at age 14, going solo at 16 and was accepted in the Qantas Cadet scheme straight from high school at age 18. Shane flew the B767 as a Second Officer and First Officer for Qantas before taking a Leave of Absence and taking an offer to fly for All Nippon Airways (ANA) based in Tokyo, Japan for 6½ years from 2012. Shane obtained his B767 command at age 33 at ANA, and returned to Qantas in 2018 to fly the B787 Dreamliner, on which he holds Type Rating Instructor and Check Pilot Authorisations. 

Shane has also been an active member of the aviation industry including holding key positions within the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations’, and spent 5 years as member on committees and task forces at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

Shane is a Director and instructor at UPRT Australia based at Archerfield, specialising in Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, aerobatics, formation and other advanced training. He is also the current Vice-President of the Queensland Warbirds and Vintage Aircraft Association.

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