Brisbane Airshow - Artist DetailElectron Aero

Electron Aero

The concept for the electron originated from an idea to build the world’s fastest electric aircraft. The now thriving development of electric technologies has made it possible, even practical, to have all-electric aircraft. The design and development of a high-speed electric aircraft must distill the best in aerodynamic and drive efficiencies to make it possible to reach the high speeds necessary for this achievement.

Over time this concept morphed into a high-performance, two seat electric aircraft. Rather than push the development of merely a technology demonstrator, we have instead shaped the design goals to deliver an aircraft that can bring these advances in technology within the reach of the general aviator. This is the electron – performance and excitement delivered in a way that you can now share with someone else.

Our team is currently building the electron prototype, with flight testing estimated to begin late 2020. The electron will initially be delivered in kit form to be licensed as an experimental aircraft followed by ELSA and LSA category.

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